Friday, October 2, 2009


The task of the day was laundry. And because I needed a little encouragement, I emailed my husband:

Erin to Chet:
About to climb the housewife's version of a 14er...
14 loads of unfolded laundry.
*deep breath*
Here I go...wish me luck!

Chet to Erin:

Erin to Chet:
Only you!

Chet to Erin:
What? I mean that God helping you fold clothes in a speedy manner will mean that you will not get burnt out and thus you will finish the task before you.

On the other hand 'luck' will mean that 'luckily' a friend came over to help with the clothes. Of course God could use the means of a friend for speedy folding.

I'll be honest; I was hoping for 'luckily' a friend came over. I mean, look at this:
(Yes, that is a double bed covered in clean clothes.)
This is when you let everyone pick out 3 favorite shirts and 3 favorite pants and give away all the other clothes. Why have I never thought of that before?! Enlightenment!
But instead, I got my High Roller mug (a gift from one of Chet's former students - cause nothing says 'Chet' like a High Roller mug) of chai and my hip-hop documentary (cause nothing says 'it's laundry time!' like a chai latte and some krumping) and got to work.

See? All done. Phew. So for those of you with overwhelming household chores to do today - Godspeed! (And I hope a friend stops by.)


HumbuckerChapell said...

So my favorite part of the trailer was when the people's names were on the screen.

Lil C
Lil Mama
... the Clown


Doug and Lori said...

You go girl!! Don't suppose that friend stopped by?