Thursday, July 15, 2010

We're gonna baptise Finlay!

Said Sharks, over and over, jumping into the air every time he said the baby's name. (And yes, that is how Sharks smiles whenever we whip out the camera.)

My dad prayed, Chet's dad did the baptism. (The perks of both dads being pastors - they alternate with each kid.)

It was a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rapid Fire Questions

(From Sharks, of course.)

(At the dinner table. With the in-laws.)

So, Mommy, why don't girls have a pee-nis?

(And we almost spat out our food in hysterics as we tried to answer.)

Immediately followed by,

How do you say "hello" in Spanish?

Wouldn't you love to know the mind of a toddler?!

Friday, July 2, 2010

Fun Fort Fridays 2010


It seemed like Finn was ready for some toys. So here's what the boys and I came up with.



Impressive, no?

(Plus, now my broom will actually get some action.)


By the time Sharks turned one, I think he'd already had 2 or 3 haircuts. Then someone told me I was supposed to wait until he was one for his first haircut. Like it was a thing. One of those things like having six month pictures taken and making a baby book. Apparently, things aren't my Thing.

So when Finn's hair started falling out all across the front, and his large noggin began to look remarkably monkish, I had to do something. It was driving me crazy. Clearly the best solution was to shave his head.

So I did it. I shaved my 3-month old's head. I plopped him in the bumbo, pulled out the clippers, and buzzed it all off. (Later my friend told me that it's common to shave babies' heads in Russia. At least what I did is normal somewhere.)

And this is with almost a month of new growth - there is hair on his head, I promise. It's just very blond.

Unfortunately, I kept wanting to say, "Aww, look at his bald noggin." Which made me think of this. Creepy.

(Which reminds me of this: The other day, Sharks asked me what creepy meant. I told him it meant gross and weird. And he added, "And kind of a little bit dead?")

Can I play with him?

Sharing what they love with baby brother.



Guess Finn's not much of a bookworm. (Yet.)