Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Little Kindness

Those of you who know my hubs know that of all things, Chet is not a junk food person. (One time he actually said, "Oh, man, I am really craving some celery and an apple." What?) I like to pretend like I'm not into junk food either, but that is mostly a lie.

But tonight he overcame his dislike of all things unhealthy in order to love on his pregnant wife. (Though maybe he was just ready to stop hearing how delicious hot wings are. Did I mention that they are really, really good, especially dipped in extra hot sauce? I did? Oh.)

Yes yes, now that is speaking my love language.

Okay, okay

This picture was going to be my starting point, a picture I could look back at to see my progress as I worked out and got really ripped abs.

Instead, this is the smallest I will be for the next nine months, and then some.

(Put two and two together folks.)

Baby Hutch #3 coming in March 2010.

Monday, July 27, 2009


It may be hot outside, but sitting here in my cool, air-conditioned house, all I want to eat is some hot wings dipped in extra hot sauce for good measure.

Oh, yum.

What are you eating right now?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Gotta love embroirdery machines (and a friend that shares her mom)

Just received these darling bath towels as a gift from my friend Lindsey's mom. (I'm not one to throw around the word 'darling' but these are just too cute to just say 'cute'.) I love that she embroidered their nicknames. Even I can't wait til bath time.


The other day at the grocery store, I couldn't find the pesto. It wasn't with the other pasta sauces, so I asked a store employee where it was.

His response?

"Where's who?"

Pesto. It's not a person.

"Oh, is that like a rat poison or something?"

Whaaa?? Definitely laughed out loud in his face because I thought he was making a funny. Turns out he was dead (like the rodent that ate the pesto) serious.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sure fire way to look like an idiot

Try running with a child in the Ergo on your back while pushing another child in the stroller.

Really. Try it.

I guarantee you will look as uncoordinated as you feel.

I only attempted it because I thought we wouldn't make it to the library before it closed at 6. Come to find out we made it in plenty of time since it doesn't close until 7. Argh.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

[top pic from senior year of college; bottom pic from the last time we were all together]

My college roommates (all but one) are coming into town for the weekend. For a reunion. Starting today (that's what we call a long weekend.) The fact that we are even attempting this is a minor miracle. Check this out:
M, about to get married.
L, in the middle of graduate school.
E, just had a baby and hubs looking for a job.
A, back from 2 years in Africa, about to head to Azerbaijan.
Me, hubs in law school and 2 little dudes to love on.

To summarize: ALL busy and ALL on insanely tight budgets. (I know, I know, who isn't?)

But the point is that Rainbow Reunion 2009 is happening!

And then one roomie called last night. Running a temperature of 101.8. Yuck. But never fear - she is still coming. That's dedication, folks. Oddly enough, now I've got this cold/sore throat/headache thing. I will do whatever it takes to get rid of this. So for the next few days you will find me permanently attached to the neti pot, and when I'm not pouring salt water through my nostril, I'll probably be gargling. Fun times, fun times.

Well, even if all we do is take care of each other this weekend, that will be enough.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can someone please tell me...

...what's a knick knack patty whack? I'll be honest, I always thought it was "knick knack paddy whack" and had something to do with hitting an Irishman.

We've been listening to Mickey's Top 40 Hits (borrowed from the library). You know, the songs all American children know, like Take Me Out to the Ballgame, B-I-N-G-O, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, etc. (Chet's first comment was, "Why does it sound so goofy?" Um, that would be because it is Goofy. Duh.)

My personal favorite has got to be My Darlin' Clementine. Especially when Sharks busts it out randomly or when he says, "Hey, Mommy darling."

But I'll be you didn't know that the song is about a poor dude who loved Clementine and made her a pair of shoes, only to be shown up by a travelling salesman who gave her two new pairs. Who do you think she chose, that silly Clementine? You guessed it. She ran off with the salesman, and left the poor heartbroken other guy to sing songs about her size nine feet. Seriously.

At least that's the Mickey Mouse version. I just read here that the song is actually about a distraught guy who lost his love in a drowning accident. And then consoles himself by kissing her little sister. I think I prefer the version with the shoes.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

June 10, 2006

(So how lame is this? I totally forgot to post this on our anniversary. Even though we didn't get to spend it together for the second year running. Ah well.)

3 years.

2 kids.

1 love.

Nate and Ashley's Big Day

The most beautiful wedding I have EVER been to. And they did a wonderful job of making their guests feel well-loved. They had such cute creative touches, like the guest book was quilt squares that we got to sign. And since the wedding was outside, they had little fans for each guest and lemonade while we waited for the ceremony to start.
Trying to put on his tie. I may be smiling, but at that point it was all a facade. I was so stressed out about this little guy!
Ceremony took place just to the left of this picture. Gorgeous day. Waterfall. Flowers. String Quartet. Singing.

(So no one noticed the little ring bearer who didn't make it down the aisle only to make a beeline for "Uncle Nate" right after the bride got to the altar).

Ashley walked down the aisle to "How Deep the Father's Love For Us." And yes, I cried a little.

How cool is this?! With a real cowboy! (I guess we were pretty close to Branson...)
Reception. Love the twinkle lights. I can't believe I don't have a picture of Sharks dancing. He was tearing up the dance floor. And after the awful struggle to put the tux on, he wouldn't take it off. Not even the jacket, til the very end.
Gotta love the cake pictures. And the cake. So good.
After all the eating and dancing, when we thought there couldn't possibly be anything more coming...there was a sweet fireworks display (it was the Fourth of July, after all.) Since you all know what fireworks look like, I won't post a picture of them. However, you don't know what Sharks avoiding the fireworks looks like. So here it is for your viewing pleasure. I am pretty sure he didn't realize that it was the sound that was scaring him. My mom ended up covering his ears and he watched quite happily after that. Oh, and see the quilt? Every family at the wedding received one and we used them to sit on during the fireworks.
[pictures all taken by Leigh Broderick]

Back at last

Our neighbors sold their house and moved away. We love them for many reasons. One very teeny tiny reason was that they let us use their wireless internet. (From 2 houses away. Yes, the houses are closetogetherinourneighborhood).

So, ever since 2 weeks ago, we have been a little lacking in the internet department. Hence the lack of blogging activity. Oh, and my brother got married. (More on that later).

Hopefully I will figure out a way to continue to blog, though it may be more sporadic than I'd like. Or it may be nothing for a long while and then BOOM! you are stunned by all the blogging from Mama Hutch. For now, though, there's always the library (yes, all you strangers, I do see you sideways glancing at my computer screen) or my parents' house (Mom. I know you are standing behind me.) Or maybe I will just go over to our new neighbor and tell him that I will make him cookies if he will let me use his wireless internet.