Saturday, July 11, 2009

Can someone please tell me...

...what's a knick knack patty whack? I'll be honest, I always thought it was "knick knack paddy whack" and had something to do with hitting an Irishman.

We've been listening to Mickey's Top 40 Hits (borrowed from the library). You know, the songs all American children know, like Take Me Out to the Ballgame, B-I-N-G-O, Mary Had a Little Lamb, Do Your Ears Hang Low?, etc. (Chet's first comment was, "Why does it sound so goofy?" Um, that would be because it is Goofy. Duh.)

My personal favorite has got to be My Darlin' Clementine. Especially when Sharks busts it out randomly or when he says, "Hey, Mommy darling."

But I'll be you didn't know that the song is about a poor dude who loved Clementine and made her a pair of shoes, only to be shown up by a travelling salesman who gave her two new pairs. Who do you think she chose, that silly Clementine? You guessed it. She ran off with the salesman, and left the poor heartbroken other guy to sing songs about her size nine feet. Seriously.

At least that's the Mickey Mouse version. I just read here that the song is actually about a distraught guy who lost his love in a drowning accident. And then consoles himself by kissing her little sister. I think I prefer the version with the shoes.


HumbuckerChapell said...

Wait I'm confused. What happened to listening to Pink?

And how scandalous!

kayla allen said...

i just wanted you to know that i started following your blog. : )