Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back at last

Our neighbors sold their house and moved away. We love them for many reasons. One very teeny tiny reason was that they let us use their wireless internet. (From 2 houses away. Yes, the houses are closetogetherinourneighborhood).

So, ever since 2 weeks ago, we have been a little lacking in the internet department. Hence the lack of blogging activity. Oh, and my brother got married. (More on that later).

Hopefully I will figure out a way to continue to blog, though it may be more sporadic than I'd like. Or it may be nothing for a long while and then BOOM! you are stunned by all the blogging from Mama Hutch. For now, though, there's always the library (yes, all you strangers, I do see you sideways glancing at my computer screen) or my parents' house (Mom. I know you are standing behind me.) Or maybe I will just go over to our new neighbor and tell him that I will make him cookies if he will let me use his wireless internet.

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