Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love this face

Finn is already getting so big. And smiley.

Though right now he's doing the whole growth spurt thing. It seems as though all I do is nurse, but it won't last forever, right? Right? Actually I don't mind it too much - it gives me a chance to sit down ;)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm laughing so hard, I just might throw up

Today we went for a walk to the park. I pushed the younger two in the stroller and let Sharks ride his Skuut.

Every time Sharks had to go over a bump or up the curb he would do a wheelie of sorts. So one time I said, "Nice wheelie, buddy."

"No mommy, it's not a wheelie, I call it an upchuck."

A what?

And he continued to call it that the whole rest of the day. Towards the end of our walk he was getting worn out and he said, "I am pretty tired of upchucking."

Is it bad that I didn't explain what "upchuck" really means? I am picturing him hanging out with his friends in a few years, like, Yeah, do you know how to upchuck? I am so good at upchucking, I bet I can upchuck better than you.

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Gotta have a pic from Fin's first bath. It's only fitting.

Sharks has started putting on "shows" for me while I nurse the baby. The other day he started singing some original songs for me.

One went something like this:

"White guys are magical...white guys are magical men."

That dude makes me laugh. I mean, the other day I asked him what color he was. He took a good look at his palms, and he said, "Orange." (And then he said the baby was red. True dat.)

Needless to say I was confused by Sharks new show tune. When I asked him who he was singing about, he pointed to Fin's ugly doll (the one in the pic above.)

Ugly? Check. Magical? Oh sure, why not.

How we spend our mornings...


and lots

of activity time

Friday, April 9, 2010

One of those days

My wonderful mother-in-law has been here this week. And she has given me two of the best presents you can give a mother - sleep and time.

I got to sleep in every single day this week - score!

And I got to run errands by myself (or with the baby) which is so much faster and less tiring than hauling everybody around.

Anyway, I was at the library yesterday finishing our taxes when my mother-in-law called to say that our sewer had backed up and our basement had about 2 inches of water and yucky everywhere.

I mean really. I was doing taxes (a metaphorical load of poop) and then we had to have a sewer problem (a literal load of poop).

Long story short, guess what caused it? (I'll blame cloth diapers.) But really, it was my fault - and the wipes that I was stupid enough to flush. Apparently there was an enormous blob of them when they cleaned out the pipes. How disgusting.

So now I have these little baggies to use for the wipes. Anybody have any other solution to disposing of wipes when you use cloth diapers?


Then last night, the baby woke up around 2:30. Nursed him, put him back to sleep. At 4, Sharks woke up, screaming and soaking wet. I had to change his sheets and clothes. Back to sleep. Then at 5 the baby pooped so loud it woke me up. So I figured I might as well change him.

(Starting to see a pattern here? I am. Poop. And now I realize I just wrote "I am poop." Which I am not. What I am is tired of poop.)

Right at the top of the stairs, I stepped on what felt like an arm. And you better believe I was freaked out. And then even more worried when I realized that it was Deedo. The little guy has apparently learned how to climb out of his pack-n-play.

After everyone was changed and back to sleep, all I could do was thank the Lord for protecting Deeds from falling down the stairs and protecting the baby and me from tripping over him. Quite a night.

Now we've got to work on the whole "stay in bed" thing. And Chet is installing a gate at the top of the stairs just to be safe.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lookin' Like a Fool

So tonight Sharks was sitting on the toilet and I was reading in the kitchen while I waited for him to finish his business.

All of a sudden I hear him singing the Pants on the Ground song, which was perfect because hey, his pants were on the ground.

He was really getting into it so now I'm thinking about coming up with a new song like "Acting like a fOOOOl when you don't obey your mom." Surely that will also become a big hit.

(If you have no idea what I am talking about, here's a link to a friend's blog where she posted the video.)

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Still here

Howdy, folks. Long time, no blog. I will blame our internet connection. It's been sketchy recently.

Problem is, I can't call the company to come fix it because the last time I called to ask why we hadn't received a bill they told me that they "couldn't give me any information because they had no record of any account at that address." And that's a (mostly) direct quote.

Also, I barely have the energy to put two thoughts together. This whole three kids thing is a bit overwhelming.

For some pictures from Easter, check out my sis-in-law's blog.