Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Deedo is cutting teeth in a big way. His two little front teethies have been pushing on his gums for about a month and since his gums look like they're going to explode, I am sure he will be sporting some front teeth by the end of this week.

And since the fussiness was about to make my head explode, we had to do something.

That something is this teether. I saw one like it at a baby shower last weekend and thought it looked amazing and weird. (And that's always what I go for in a teether?!)

He loves it. He can hold it all by himself (score 1), it actually fits in his mouth (score 2), and did I mention that it looks cool too (score 3)?

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brite said...

Might have to get us one of these...thanks for the recommendation. SO far we're just in the major drooling stage, but I have to think there's a reason behind all that. By the way, Hutch baby #2 is HUGE and so adorable! I don't think I'd seen a recent picture of him.