Thursday, January 14, 2010


I'm just going to be honest here. I pee a lot these days. And I have been known to use more than my fair share of toilet paper.

So I'm doing an experiment.

We usually buy the cheapest kind of TP available. I am convinced that you simply have to use more when it is the cheap scratchy kind, which means that one day you have like 6 rolls of TP under the sink, and the next day you are resorting to baby wipes because you ran out. (Not that that has ever happened here.)

Seriously though, I think we went through at least one whole roll the other day. (Some of that may be due to Deedo's affinity for tearing off toilet paper and flushing the toilet.)

Anyway. My thought was that with the nicer types of TP, perhaps I would use less, and would therefore not run the risk of running out. Plus it is just so much softer.

What is your opinion on the whole toilet paper matter?

Also, check out this website, It lists all the current theater movies and tells you the best time to pee without missing anything. On the website it says that all of their "Pee Times" are user generated, you know, wiki-pee-dia. Ha. Get it?


HumbuckerChapell said...

So before I share my thoughts today only, Schnucks extra savings has Angel bath tissue (4 rolls I believe) for $0.88. See this blog for more info:

We totally splurge on bath tissue- one of those items that it is worth skimping on something else to get the softest. Maybe it is all those years of Carter Hall's sandpaper tissue that leans us towards this, but I think we do pay a little more but it is worth it.

Jonesey said...

I agree. The cheap stuff runs out immediately. I really like Charmin Basic. Maybe it is because when I am buying toilet paper I am looking at all the options, extra soft, double roll, SUPER MEGA roll, I finally step back and shout, " I JUST WANT YOUR BASIC TP!" and I saw that and well, I haven't looked back. Unless of course I can get a pack of something else for under a dollar :)

Amanda Baca said...

too funny! i usually buy the cheap stuff and do find that i use less when i have the thick and plush fancy kind. ;) my husband finally told me "no more!" of the cheap junk-buy the nice kind!!

Iris said...

I had the same problem! So now I buy Scott 1000 sheets per roll. And this usually lasts us a long time (most tp rolls have about three hundred and something sheets per roll.) Its not the nicest tp but for me its worth it and it's still not as expensive as charmin or the other pricey ones.

Michael and Mandy said...

You're saving money on the shampoo and conditioner - splurge on the tp.

Mama Hutch said...

Mandy - good call. I gotta admit, I am loving the soft TP.