Saturday, November 7, 2009

How I will make millions

The boys have had runny noses this week. Nothing major, except for the booger sleeves that have become Sharks' latest fashion statement.

You know how it is: nose runs, sleeve wipes. Kleenex? Not even on the radar.

And multiple shirt changes all day long are not very enjoyable. For either of us.

I started scheming ways to teach Sharks the importance of wiping his nose elsewhere. Like on a tissue or hanky. But that seemed impossible, because there are moments when I don't even realize he's been sleeve-wiping all morning until it is much too late.

Enter my amazing invention #1 - like babylegs, but with the express purpose of protecting sleeves. Wipe away, little buddy, your sleeves will stay snot-free all day long! Mommy can simply change out your Sleeve Savers.

Then I realized that Sleeve Savers are not the answer because they do not address the real problem. The real problem being the nose-on-sleeve wiping.

Enter amazing invention #2 - same idea, except that the Sleeve Saver would be made of the scratchy side of velcro. Put it this way. The sleeve would lose its status as #1 BEST and EASIEST (not to mention GROSSEST) place to Wipe Nose. I bet it would only take one wipe for the little dudes to come running for a kleenex.

Chet said it is certain to become a big seller, right up there with baby wigs.

P.S. I just googled "Sleeve Saver" because it was such a good idea I figured someone had already beat me to it, and this is what I found. WOW. I have no words.


HumbuckerChapell said...

what a beautiful applique.

And Jordan definitely thought it was a baby snuggie.

And we would totally buy your invention for the puppies. Totally.

Michael and Mandy said...

And for only $8.10!?

brite said...

If I'd had a drink while reading your post it would have come out my nose. Warren was sleeping next to me and I actually woke him up I was laughing so hard. Could use some of those sleeve things today for Coop, though. Ick.