Thursday, October 14, 2010

Early Birthday

My birthday always falls smack-dab in the middle of finals, and last year when I turned 25 we did diddly-squat to celebrate. So my hubs preempted the iminent birthday disaster and planned an early celebration date for us.

Dinner was amazing. It was like my dream meal...Espresso Rubbed Beef Filet Medallions with blue cheese cream, buttermilk mashed potatoes, fresh asparagus, and crisped onion straws. Thank you, Groupon.

Somehow we forgot to get a picture together, but at least we took pictures of each other.

We got to the symphony and Chet started heading for the front row. Chet is kinda sneaky and would totally do something like sneaking up to the front row even if our tickets were for somewhere else, so I was nervous. Turns out, that's actually where our tickets were - right at the edge of the first row.

We were so excited at our seats and couldn't understand how they were still available when Chet bought the tickets. We could literally touch the stage. (They were student tickets, he just got to pick where we sat.)

(Clearly the symphony is not our usual scene, however much we love it.)

The first piece was great - we were so close! Not too many musicians and we could see everything really well. But then, as more of the orchestra came out, we understood why no one wanted those seats.

Butts! Backsides! Rear ends! All we could see were the tushies of the string section. (Insert inappropriate g-string joke here.)

We were cracking up. Pun totally intended.

So we high-tailed it Chet-style to some open seats in the upper level, just in time for Tchaichovsky's 5th Symphony.


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, you are so funny, I wish you still lived here!

That dinner sounded awesome. And the symphony, G-strings notwithstanding sounds super fun!

Genius idea to celebrate the birthday early. My birthday is at the end of August so it is always at the beginning of school and gets the shaft, especially when we were RD's and then in Seminary.

Elly said...

happy early birthday. you look so pretty! so you left little man behind, huh? i still haven't yet... i don't know why -- it's #3 and I'm like more attached than ever! :)
funny stories about the symphony. sounds like a good memory for years to come.

Michael and Mandy said...

please change your blog back to english - I can't read it.

Mama Hutch said...

mandy...pretty sure it is english? are you seeing something else?