Monday, April 6, 2009

I'm hoping for a discount

My day was great. (Organized all the kids clothes, hung out with my mom, played with the kids, read a new book. All fun and dandy). My evening, not so great.

What? You want a play-by-play? Well, certainly.

Went to the library.

Got in car after leaving library.

Tried to turn on the car. Nothing.

Tried again. Nothing.

Started to get anxious. Also got me nothing.

Sat there for five minutes panicking that I was stranded. At the library. (Though it is kinda like a second home, I'm there so often.)

Finally realized I was using the wrong key. Doofus.

Spent almost an hour at the grocery store loading my cart full of food so that I could create delicious meals for my family.

Cash register not working. Did you catch that? CASH REGISTER NOT WORKING!!

Had to leave all my food there, the cashier having already rung it all up. That's right, I didn't realize the machine wasn't working until AFTER all my food had gone down the conveyor belt part. I had even put some of it in bags! So so close, and yet...

Arrived home empty handed.

So now I have to REPEAT the whole saga tomorrow, with the kids, which I was trying to avoid by going to the store in the evening.

I am so writing an angry letter to that grocery store. Or maybe I can call and ask to 'speak with a manager.' (I have never done that so I will feel very grown up.)

Could they not have announced it over the intercom, or put a note on the door that said something like, "If you are planning on paying with debit or EBT, turn back now! Don't waste your time here when you could be doing something productive at home like reading or getting a bubble bath or eating a whole chocolate cake by yourself!"


And if my mean letter doesn't work, I will just tell them that my husband is a lawyer. What? You never know what will get results.


Ashley said...

hmmm.... I smell free things in your future... And if not you tell them that YOU MEAN BUSINESS. that one always gets me...

HumbuckerChapell said...

My grandmother was from Long Island and she would always say (in her fabulous NY accent) "Write them a letta". It got results. Free products, gift certificates, AIRPLANE TICKETS.

Shelly said...

Can I please have half of that cake?

And I think I would have started crying right there in the checkout line!

Doug and Lori said...

What a day!!