Saturday, November 27, 2010

Two Stories About Deedo

First. The funny:

So we're at my parents house, when Deeds decides to sing "Come Thou Fount," and he sings, "Streams of mercy, never ceasing, COBBLESTONES of loudest praise."

They are at least louder than a regular road.

Second. The painful:

Well. You should feel sorry for Deedo. Especially all you men out there.

Today, I accidentally zipped his boy part. Yikes! Ouch! Zoinks! Holy footie pajamas, Batman!

Screaming ensued. Oh, the screams. As I'm sure you can imagine.

Of course now he's going to be scared to death of pajamas, or at least zippers. So, sweatpants it is. For life.

It's going to be awesome in that job interview someday, when he's wearing a tie and button-down with sweatpants.


Katie and Derrick said...

HAHAHA oh my gosh poor little one but that made me laugh so hard, I remember getting my neck zipped up in those footed pajamas when I was a kid so he might have long term memories of that one, always enjoy hearing about your sweet boys! :)

roxana said...

oh man. poor guy. i have almost done this to sol several times. oops.

Doug and Lori said...

LOLing about the job interview thing! Hehehe. :) Poor little guy.....and poor mommy! Loved his version of the song!

Michael and Mandy said...

Well durn, put some underwear on him first!