Monday, March 8, 2010

There once was a Sharks and a Deedo...

And now there's a Fin.

Samuel Finlay, born March 6, 2010 at 7:41am. 8lbs 7oz.
Samuel is a family name on Chet's side. Finlay is a Scottish name, and it means "little blond soldier," which seemed fitting in our family.

(We are planning on calling him Samuel, at least for now.)

(But we are also indecisive so we are keeping our options open.)


brite said...

WHOA! I need to go back to your old posts and see how far along you were. It seems like he was early? Well, so much for mailing you the soap before he came. So happy for you all!

Jonesey said...


Congratulations, he's a good looking guy!!

Amanda said...

SO happy for you!

Emily said...

congrats!!!! so excited for you guys!

ArtTxLinds said...

Fin Buster
love your family

Winkie said...

Soooo cute!!
I want to come visit :)