Saturday, May 23, 2009

Camping '09

We have been looking forward to our family camping trip for quite some time. And our expectations were sadly squashed.

First, we couldn't figure out how to put up the tent we borrowed. How lame is that. (We did - eventually - get it set up.)

Second, we forgot matches. Yes, really.

Third, even though it was hot during the day, it got insanely cold during the night, and the kids kept waking up. Maybe 3 or 4 times. And I realized how selfish I was when I didn't even want to reach my arm out of my warm-ish sleeping bag to pat Cedar's back. Eventually, I pulled him into the sleeping bag with me.

Fourth, we didn't bring a new tank of gas for our cook stove but didn't realize it until breakfast, so that hot coffee and oatmeal we had been thinking about ALL night during Freeze-and-Cry Fest 2009 turned out to be, literally, just a dream. (Chet did manage to heat some water up on the coals and made me a cup of coffee.)

Needless to say, we came home a day sooner than expected.
All those friends who thought we were crazy to attempt this: YOU WERE RIGHT.

However, there were some wonderful aspects of our trip too.

We had a great time walking up and down the creek, which was freezing. Sharks didn't mind. We loved seeing the glee on his face when he got splashed!

We ate hotdogs - (unfortunately) a favorite of mine. And of course we had s'mores.

We went on a 4 mile hike in the morning, with the kids on our backs. It was beautiful; wonderful to be outside together as a family. Sharks loved pointing out the trail markers to us - EVERY time we passed one, we'd hear, "Dere's a-nodda wed one." (Translation: "There's another red one.")

So now we are home, exhausted, mostly glad we went, but are definitely not planning on doing this again until both boys are walking.
(Pictures to follow.)

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Jonesey said...

Oh, you are so funny. I'm so sorry for all the mishaps! But those make the best memories. And getting a shower after a camping trip is like a spa retreat for me! And it probably wouldn't have been such a funny blog post if you had an uneventful time.

Isn't it crazy how kids can play in the freezing cold water!!?
Thanks for the funnies!