Thursday, June 2, 2011

I'm dying over here

This five-year old girl wandered over to our yard to play yesterday and we got to talking.

I asked, So do you have any brothers or sisters?

Yeah. I have a brother, but he's really sick. Like, really, really sick. You know the kind of sick where you die? Umm, I can't remember what his sickness is called though...but I know that it makes you die.

(I'm thinking, cancer? And I was really sad. Because having a sick brother who is going to die has got to be tough.)

Then she says,

Oh! Yeah! I remember! It's called DIahrrea!


Gold medal for my effort in keeping a straight face?


Roxana said...

quote from our house today: "i don't want diarrhea! i want a hot dog!"

Julie said...

hilarious!!! You definitely get a gold medal!

Katie said...

Oh. my. gosh. TOO funny!