Thursday, April 28, 2011

To laugh or to cry, that is the question

Long day yesterday. In the morning, we tried to go grocery shopping but ended up leaving with no groceries because of tantrums from both older two. Later that afternoon, there was a point when I was stuck in rush-hour traffic, all three kids screaming and hungry, when I thought, It can't get much worse than this.

Then Deeds threw up his dinner all over the table. (Yes. Yes, it can get worse.) For awhile we all just sat there in stunned silence.

Note to self: it takes throw up to calm everyone down?

But after that he was totally fine. That seemed like the end of it.

We had been planning another assault on the grocery store this morning, seeing as we had nothing in the house (which is ironic since I actually took the time to plan every meal for the whole month.) I guess meal plans don't work if you don't have food. Rookie mistake.

But then, Sharks threw up his breakfast.

So we gave up the Big Grocery Trip and determined a quick trip for the basics was in order.

I should mention that I was wearing a button down dress shirt of Chet's, you know like in the movies? How a lady will wear her man's shirt and look all sexy?

Well, since we're being honest here, you should know that my wearing of his shirt is not an attempt at hotness, but more of a testiment to how long it's been since I've done laundry. We were cracking up about it this morning because it was not cute at all, just big and hideous...oh, I think part of the problem was that I was wearing pants.

Note to self: sexy shirt thing only works WITHOUT pants (and I'm guessing without throw up on it? Jury's still out on that one though.)

Since we determined that a) we had no groceries, and b) I looked like a frump-monster, it was clearly my job to hit up the store.

After I made it back to the car with the groceries, I looked down and realized that the middle button on my shirt was completely and utterly unbuttoned.


I probably shouldn't say this, but it can't possibly get any worse than this.


Elly said...

this post is way too funny. sorry, I know the reality of it probably wasn't funny. but the way you tell it is priceless. thank you for helping me not take motherhood so seriously. :) it is good to laugh about days like that. the only thing missing is a picture of you in the sexy man shirt! haha.;)

Roxana said...

oh my goodness. you should've called me before the grocery run. i would've done it for you!!! stomach bugs are THE WORST!!!!!!!!

brite said...

Well I'm laughing hysterically. Leaving without the items you set out on is VERY frustrating. A few months ago Adeline wet her pants right when we got to the library. As in, she went all over the floor (at least it was in the bathroom...she waited a little too long). She had a sweater on so I just cleaned her all up, buttoned it up like a skirt, and told her to sit on the couch and not move. We did get our books, but no one was very happy. But your day(s) beat them all. Good for you for stepping back and realizing how funny it all is. :)

Jonesey said...

I think you have to laugh.

I mean I did. With you. Laughing with you here.

And thanks, cause there hasn't been too much to laugh at around here, lately.