Monday, June 21, 2010

Why did I not know about this before?!

Have you ever tried a Woombie? (Minus points for stupid name.) I would totally try one for Finn, except that Chet is skeptical of, well, anything that costs money.

But aren't they oddly adorable?


Emily said...

have you seen the swaddle me? that is what we used and it was awesome!

The Lucht family said...

This looks interesting to me but I am a faithful Miracle Blanket user. Even William the Ox couldn't bust out of the Miracle Blanket. Have you ever tried it? They have them at Kangaroo Kids. We used one with Will until he was 5 months old.

How long do you guys typically swaddle for?

Doug and Lori said...

Now that's swaddling at its finest! :)